Do You Need Water Damage Repair in Brooklyn NY!

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Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn Is Always Ready!

Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn is an established water damage restoration company in Brookyn. Our team is ready 24/7 to deal with your emergency. When you get water damage, you need to quickly start removing the water right away. A fast response to water damage saves you money. Water can ruin your walls, furniture, carpets, and rugs if you do not start the clean up process right. Bacteria and mold can start to grow and this means additional cost to clean up the water damage. Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn will get to you home right away and start the water damage repair process in hours. Out of electricity? Don't worry. We will bring our own generators to pump out the water. No matter how small or bad the damage, Green Choice is ready to help the moment you contact us with your emergency.

Our Water Damage Services

We offer any and all of the following as part of our water damage repair and restoration services in Brooklyn:

  • Water damage repair

  • Water removal

  • Remove water damaged walls

  • Remove water damaged carpets and padding

  • Sanitizing and removing mold and mildew

  • Carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning

  • Sewage cleanup

Step 3 Choose the Right Company

Our water damage team consists of trained and experienced professionals in the field of water damage and restoration including building repair, flood damage cleaning and removing mold and mildew. Our technicians will have your home free water and start the water damage restoraton process. Our experienced team will do the restoration the right. If the restoration process is done wrong, bacteria can start grow and create a health hazard in your home.

We are ready and waiting for water damage emergencies. Call us and we will be at hour home quickly and ready to start our work to get your life and home back to normal again!

Our Services

Is Not Only Affordable but Convenient

Because Green Choice does all rug cleaning in house, our prices are low! We also offer a free pick up and delivery so we come to your house and do all the heavy work of removing the rug and laying it down again after cleaning. Do not let dirty rugs ruin your home. Call us today for more information about our rug cleaning service and get a free quote.

Our Price List

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  • 1 Room

    was : $75
    now : $63
  • 2 Room

    was : $85
    now : $73
  • 3 Room

    was : $110
    now : $94
  • 4 Room

    was : $120
    now : $102
  • Love Seat

    was : $79
    now : $67
  • Sectional

    was : $125
    now : $106
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*Prices are for Steam Cleaning Only.

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