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Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Brooklyn NY

Have you been vacuuming your upholstery trying to remove dirt or using cleaning products to try and get out tough stains? Are you getting the results you want? If not, then you need to call Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn and let our deep cleaning process make your couch and chairs look their best again. You can spend hours to trying to clean your upholstery or you can call Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn and let our cleaning technicians save your time and money. We will clean your upholstery quickly and effectively. Our service for upholstery cleaning in Brooklyn will make dust and stains disappear and leave you with a sofa as clean and fresh as the day you bought it.

Our Great Customer and Cleaning Service

How will we clean your sofa? First, call us and speak to a representative. Once you explain what you need, you can get a free quote and arrange a cleaning appointment. When we arrive at your home, we will carefully inspect your sofa and examine the fabric to make sure we use the best cleaning process that will not damage the fabric during cleaning and provide you with an outstanding cleaning result. Once this is over we will pre-spray the sofa to loosen dirt, stains and body oil from the fabric. Because you are in close contact with the fabric, your body can leave oil on the surface, causing dirt and dust to stick to the fibers. Our pre-spray breaks down the oil, making it easier to remove the dirt adhering to the fabric.

Our Steam Cleaning or Deep Shampoo Will Make Your Sofa Look Like New!

Once we are finished with the pre-spray we will use our powerful cleaning machines to give your upholstery a deep, and long lasting cleaning. We only use the best green cleaning products and machines on the market. Our cleaning solutions does not just clean the surface of your couch, but go deep into the cushions and lifts out dirt. Our powerful vacuums will remove the cleaning solution and the dirt, leaving your sofa clean and fresh. Our cleaning will be tough on dirt and stains but easy on the fabric and your budget. If your sofa has not had a professional cleaning before or has stains and odors, your shampoo cleaning will remove the stains and odors, including those caused by pet urine. We can add a sanitizer to kill any bacteria in your couch and add a fabric protecter to guard against stains. When we are done, your couch will be free of dirt, stains, bacteria and odors.

Call Us Today and Save Time and Money

If your sofa is looking dirty and worn or you just want to set on a clean couch , then call us today and use our service for upholstery cleaning in Brooklyn. We will work to rejuvenate your sofa and give it a new lease on life. Let our highly trained and skilled upholstery cleaners do the hard work and let us make your furniture look as good as new.

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