Are You Looking for an Expert in Rug Cleaning in Brooklyn NY?

No matter what type of rug you have, Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn knows the best way to make your rug look like new again. With over twenty years of rug cleaning experience in Brooklyn, we have cleaned every type of rug. Our staff has the skill and knowledge to properly and effectively clean your rug. Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn is dedicated to providing the best rug cleaning in Brooklyn. We have our own rug cleaning factory in Brooklyn which is equipped with state of the art rug cleaning technology to give your rugs a thorough cleaning.

Why Do You a Rug Cleaning Specialist?

Because rugs are often placed in high traffic areas, they can take heavy wear and tear everyday. After a few years they can have stains from dropped food, tea and coffee that can be very difficult to remove. We inspect every rug before cleaning because if the dyes are weakened because of urine, they can easily run during cleaning, and you are left with a ruined rug. We know how to protect your rug during cleaning from urine and make sure that the urine is completely removed without damaging the appearance of your rug. When you want a real specialist for rug cleaning in Brooklyn, Green Choice is your first choice.

Why Use Green Choice for Your Rug Cleaning?

We have our own rug cleaning factory in Brooklyn that has the most advanced rug cleaning machines on the market. Once a rug arrives into our cleaning plant, a rug cleaning technician will then design a special cleaning process based on the rug's condition and what type of cleaning it needs. We use dusting machines that loosens and removes soil from the rug. Then we place the rug in our cleaning pools to soak them in our cleaning solutions. Using a brush, the rug fibers are scrubbed clean of dust and stains. Our cleaning solution dissolves oil and grease that binds dust to the fiber and dulls the color of the rug. We finish the cleaning stage will a thorough rinsing to remove the cleaning solution and any remaining soil from the rug. Afterwards, we place the rug in a custom made centrifuge machine to spin dry the rugs. Finally we hang the rug our temperature controlled drying room. There is no company in Brooklyn that can match our advanced rug cleaning technology or prices.

Our Service Is Not Only Affordable but Convenient

Because Green Choice does all rug cleaning in house, our prices are low! We also offer a free pick up and delivery so we come to your house and do all the heavy work of removing the rug and laying it down again after cleaning. Do not let dirty rugs ruin your home. Call us today for more information about our rug cleaning service and get a free quote.

Our Price List

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  • 1 Room

    was : $75
    now : $63
  • 2 Room

    was : $85
    now : $73
  • 3 Room

    was : $110
    now : $94
  • 4 Room

    was : $120
    now : $102
  • Love Seat

    was : $79
    now : $67
  • Sectional

    was : $125
    now : $106
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*Prices are for Steam Cleaning Only.

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